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picosure laser

PICOSURE Laser Treatment

Picosure's unique 755nm laser with Focus Lens
promotes skin regeneration, thereby allowing
treatment of various skin problems such as wrinkles,
pigmentation, acne scars, pore size, etc.

* For inquiries about PicoSure laser and pricing, please contact us for more details. 
Pricing may vary based on skin condition, skin history, and number of sessions required.

PICOSURE Laser for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo size and treatment packages available:

2x2 Inch Tattoo - 1 Treatment
2x2 Inch Tattoo - 3 Treatments

4x4 Inch Tattoo - 1 Treatment 

4x4 Inch Tattoo - 3 Treatments 

6x6 Inch Tattoo - 1 Treatment

6x6 Inch Tattoo - 3 Treatments

We recommend our clients to book an in-person consultation with our laser technicians to receive a more accurate treatment plan and cost.

sun spots
acne scars

Why PicoSure?

“With the PicoSure™ laser, you can now

remove melasma,  sunspots,  acne scars,  and tattoos like never before.”

In the beauty and cosmetic treatment sectors, technology is continuously changing.

Skin flaws, acne scars, discoloration,

premature aging, unsightly tattoos,

and other issues can undermine our self-confidence.


PicoSure™ laser is quick, effective and non-invasive.

Its successful outcomes are supported

by real scientific proof, in addition to all of the innumerable treatment success stories.


The 10PL machine is a type of fractional, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment that emits multi-wavelength light in the form of a strong pulse to treat various skin concerns such as melasma, freckles, pigmentation, acne & acne scarring, pores, and more! 

What makes the 10PL so different from other IPL machines? 

  • 10PL has higher stability than most IPL machines, making it safe with minimal risk and side effects. 

  • 10PL has a total of 168 cells that emit energy - this is more than the average IPL! The larger tip size allows faster, more efficient treatment while covering more surface area. 

  • 10PL's unique multi-wavelength feature allows treatment of various skin conditions with 3 wavelengths without a separate filter replacement.

  • 10PL lowers the risk of burns and skin damage by applying a fractional treatment concept!

  • 10PL allows simultaneous treatment of multiple conditions like pigment, visible capillaries, pores, skin elasticity, and more!

Screenshot 2023-06-20 141418.png
Other IPL

10thera: face lift

10Thera, a type of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment, is a non-invasive lifting machine that delivers ultrasound and heat energy to targeted skin layers without damaging the skin's surface. The 10Thera creates thermal coagulation points or zones to activate skin regeneration - this means increased production of collagen and elastin fiber! As a result, your face will achieve a more firm, tight and lifted look. 

What makes 10Thera so great?

  • Unlike other HIFU machines, 10Thera is a "2-line irradiating" treatment (2 sources of energy) - this means double the effects! 

  • 10Thera emits 2 lines of energy simultaneously to allow faster treatment and better results! This creates thermal coagulation zones that are twice as big as average lifting machines.

  • 10Thera is capable of approximately 400 shots of other 1-line (single) HIFU machines​

Screenshot 2023-06-20 142405.png

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