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Facial treatments

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Aqua Peel : 75 min

Deep cleansing treatment that uses a special suction machine to help remove stubborn impurities for thorough exfoliation. Includes extractions. 

ME美 Collagen Treatment : 75 min

Collagen Mask Treatment that elevates brightness of skin tone and promotes anti-aging and regeneration.

ME美 Collagen LED Treatment : 75 min

Collagen mask combined with an omega light treatment that increases the absorbance of the mask by 15 times.

Snow White : 75 min

A refreshing treatment that helps brighten dull skin, smoothen skin texture, and improve skin elasticity. This facial renews your skin and creates a glowy complexion.

Gypsum Treatment : 75 min

Intense hydration treatment that uses heat energy to open pores for better absorption and improve firmness of skin.

24k Gold Treatment : 100min

Facial treatment for purifying and detoxing your skin from make-up. It helps to remove wrinkles, stimulates the skin cells,treating sun damage, fine lines and reduce spots.

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