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LG Premium Skincare Products delivered by Korean Facial Massage Technicians.

At Me Spa, we pride ourselves in using Using Premium Facial Massage Techniques and Modern technology, our Spa North York have updated Traditional beauty secret to help women indulge in the secret and powerful formulas.

From Picosure laser treatments to Premium skincare products, we provide services and products that are 100% dedicated to your facial skin care. And that's how we differentiate from all our competitors and how we have managed to build long-time dedicated client list.

We start by carefully analyzing your skin with the newest technology and based on the analysis, we design specific therapy program and choose Premium skin care to achieve incredibly soft, clear, and bright skin that’s fit for an Empress. You will see a huge improvement instantly right after one treatment.

We invite you all to our Ultimate Facial Spa Experience. Me Spa is committed to provide the best facial treatment in our neighborhood. Would you like to join us to bring the glow back to your skin?

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